Saturday, 31 March 2012

Getting ready for tomorrow... or should that be later today, at this time of the morning!?...

Two workshops and an office full of the stuff and we still manage to cover the kitchen table with Meccano! Tomorrow is the Spring meeting of the South East London Meccano Club (SELMEC). At each meeting a challenge is set and this is why we have Meccano all over the table, it is far too hot in the office as the sun has been shining on the front of the house all afternoon making it stifling up there, so we loaded up a tray of the permitted parts and we are in the process of building our entry for the challenge.

I have also offered to PAT test members electrical equipment so I will have to remember to pack some test equipment, some spare fuses and and plugs. Our "no-win-no-fee" litigation culture has eventually started to rattle the nerves of the exhibition organizers. Most booking forms will have an instruction that all electrical equipment must have been tested for electrical safety and carry the appropriate PASS sticker. The fact is that this is very rarely enforced. The problem for the exhibitor who is using untested equipment might well find that if there is an accident then he or she could find themselves liable. 

The point of the test is not to protect yourself from being sued but to protect you, the visiting public and fellow club members from receiving an electric shock, should a fault occur.


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