Sunday, 1 April 2012


Finished windmill - no a bad result.

By midnight on Friday we had built the windmill ready for the SELMEC meeting on Saturday. It did mean that the planned supper was sacrificed and the local Chinese take away got some unplanned business! Saturday was a real busy day. Pat tester, stickers and tools packed along with a few odd models it was off to the meeting. A good time was had by all and the PAT testing was a bit of an eye opener. Most things passed but some did not, and will need sorting out. I will post some pictures of the problems and how they are repaired in the next day or so.

We have my Mum staying with us for a few days so workshop time is down to a minimum but it does mean we get to waste a bit of time out and about. Tomorrow it looks like we may have to go... Please sit down... SHOPPING! Yes, it looks like yours truly is going to be dragged, screaming and shouting, to Westfied shopping centre in Stratford.

Meet my Mum, she is the one with the walking stick - no arguing today!
This may not be as bad as it sounds. There could be some eating out involved and we might get 'lost' on the tube and DLR and end up at some interesting places like Greenwich peninsular (You know, where The Dome, sorry, the O2 is). There is some interesting stuff going on there  involving big cranes and some heavy plant working on the Emirates Air Line. No it's not an aeroplane it's a new cable car. See HERE. I am sure we will find some other interesting stuff while we are charging around East London on our Oyster cards!


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