Tuesday, 12 June 2012

On the road - Dundee...

The recycled fridge, luggage and three humanoid figures arrived in the land of haggis and bagpipes late yesterday afternoon and after avoiding boarder patrol we eventually, 449 miles later, we arrived at the cottage we had booked after an internet search. This can be a bit of a risky business – not this time.   What a place! The instructions of how to get here casually described following the drive to the top and then… Well, what a drive, it must be a mile long! At the top of the drive we found our cottage, part of a converted stable complex, complete with everything you could possibly need including Wi-Fi.

Under the covered part of the yard I found something of interest to a workshop owner with the start of withdrawal symptoms, a circular saw, I wonder if they will let me have a go? This petrol driven monster is obviously used for chopping logs for the open fires. There is a lot more to explore here, we are in 100 acres of private woodland and gardens and we have free run of most of it. I’ll post a few more pictures over the next few days.

Today we went to Dundee, 12 miles up the road and managed to catch the Olympic torch relay, while dodging showers in the town centre. Tomorrow we will be going back to visit RRS Discovery which is on display in a purpose made dock. I remember Discovery being moored on the Thames in London as a training ship. It had no engines as they had been stripped out and used as scrap to help the 39–45 war effort, and as far as I know they were never replaced. Her journey from London to Dundee was made in a transport ship.


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