Saturday, 23 June 2012

Back home and up and running...

Wow! Those two weeks just whizzed by. There is a lesson here for next time. The place we wanted to stay was booked for the weekends but had free space Monday to Friday. So we decided to book it and find alternative accommodation for the following week, Friday to Friday. The problem with this idea is that three of the days were taken up travelling. We were only away for twelve days so that left nine, Three of them were spent avoiding the torrential rain, and another couple resting after long drives with Mum. Now we are down to four days. We made use of the time but I must admit, it could have been planned better. Next year we will book two weeks in one place! Tonight, My brother repatriated Mum to Kent this evening, after consuming large quantities of our meagre food supply, so now the holiday is really over.

The upshot of all the mucking about and inclement weather was there was little time to get out and about photographing possible modelling subjects with the exception of one brief stop at Dunkield Railway station, on the way back from a visit to the Pitlochry salmon ladder – Google it! The station was originally the terminus of the Perth and Dunkield Railway in 1856 and later became a trough station when it was absorbed by of the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway in 1863. I think it would make a nice subject for a modern-image layout as it still has a couple of sidings, a signal box, semaphore signal and a passing loop. The permanent way crews use the sidings for storage of materials and equipment. The line sees all sorts of traffic including freight and passenger, local and national. Check out Google images for Dunkield Railway station and you will see what I mean. I liked the combination of wooden and concrete sleepered track forming the running line and passing loop respectively. 

The rest of the pictures taken were either for use a reference later or just plain holiday snaps and not really worthy of being posted here.

Today, have been at a Meccano meeting (SELMEC). I have made a bit of a rod for my own back by offering to PAT test the club members gear. I spent another meeting unscrewing plug tops!  I am only going to do it once a year in future other wise I can see me spending all my time working. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I just underestimated how many members would need gear tested.

Tomorrow I am taking Sue for a day out at the local sewerage works –  See, we know how to live it up!


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