Sunday, 30 September 2012

A fantastic building

We took a day out yesterday to attend StampEx which is held twice a year at the Design Centre, Islington. Our main reason for going is to attend the GBPS (Great Britain Philatelic Society) meeting which is held in one of the rooms upstairs on the balcony.  This is a fitting venue for a philatelic event as the building was used as a Royal Mail parcels office during the second world war after Mount Pleasant  was severely damaged during a bombing raid. On 18 June 1943 a single incendiary bomb destroyed the Parcel Section at Mount Pleasant More information can be found regarding the building's history HERE.

This year the format of the meeting was changed and we found that we could only attend the morning session if we were to have any time to peruse the many exhibition frames and dealers stands. Everybody who is anybody attends this event including Royal Mail themselves selling recent and current issues at face value. Sue managed to complete the paralympics gold winners set of mini sheets. having only managing to buy 12 out of the 34 issued over the counter at our local main post office.
As you can see from the photograph the venue is a fantastic building dating back to 1861, it was completely refurbished, extended and modernised in the 1980s making it one of the most practical uses of space in a very good location. Lots of good modelling reference in that clear-span roof which, in its day was greater that that of the Crystal Palace and Alexandra Palace.

A good day out and a very nice BLT at a reasonable price -  Now, come on, you knew I was going to mention food at some point, didn't you?


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