Monday, 21 May 2012

Chelsea flower show pictures from last night...

The previous post was sent from my not so SmartPhone while sitting in the cab of the trusty Transit at 1.30am. Sue and her partner in crime (Pat) were busy in the Floral Design marquee stuffing flowers and foliage into big blocks of oasis atop lengths of soil stack!

The painted crown frame is ready for decorating

Before we go any further a bit of a recap is in order. Back tracking a bout 12 hours to Sunday lunchtime and all hell is breaking out at Laughton Towers. With only hours to go things are getting a bit fought - Bad tempered me? Never! Adding to the blog was the last thing on my mind I was off up the workshop finishing the rest of my chores! By this the crown has made its way to the kitchen table and Sue is hard at work sticking soya bean seeds around the crown, to simulate the gold beads, and building the top piece of the crown from an old plastic Christmas decoration, more cereal packet card and soya beans - this is getting more like Blue Peter every day! After a spray with gold paint it is ready for decoration and ready for filling with flowers. As well as building the framework for the crown, the support for the flower arrangements had to be designed and built. That is where I was all afternoon. By about 9pm we were loading the Van and about to set off for Chelsea.

I recognise that van...
As I am only the unpaid servant, I am not allowed to help with the build as once I have done all the fetching and carying the rest of my night is spent ( with an itermission driving back to Laughton Towers to collect the stuff that got left behind - Dont ask!) sitting in the Transit counting the stitches in the headlining. I did sneek out and take a few night shots for a bit of fun. No tripod makes the composition interesting to say the least. So as I mentioned last night, here are a few photographs taken during the build up and on the show ground at night...

This picture of Diarmuid Gavin's controversial garden at night look as
if it is on fire. In fact it is lit and those 'flames' are trees. Because the shot was
taken in darkness the camera has overexposed the lit sections of the trees

This has to be my favourite picture of the night, a slug's-eye view of the main trader's avenue
Sue and Pat hard at work in the early hours of Monday morning...
Now you know what the pipes were for I was cutting a few days ago
Health and safety gone made everybody in the marquee must wear High-Vis gear!
That was it all finished and time to go home. grab a couple of hours sleep and back again for, this time on foot for a look around on Press day. I will post a couple of pictures tomorrow and then it will be back to 'normal service' the workshop. 


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