Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Postman came today

Hmmm.... What a lot of knobs! If all else fails I suppose
I had better read the instructions!
In my quest to get to grips with all this electronic stuff I have been looking at all sorts of material on the internet, tutorials and data sheets, components and projects. The information is going in like water into a dry sponge. And like water into a dry sponge, it takes a while for the first drop to appear. That happened last week when I suddenly realised that time was as important as value and to measure both I needed something more than my digital multimeter. I decided the workshop was not complete without an oscilloscope. So I set about looking around. Figuring that my best bet was to look for something cheap and cheerful. The O-word was plumbed into the eBay search engine and several pages were there ready to study. Not really knowing what was what I decided to have a punt at a few cheap listing and see what happened. To my surprise I won one and it arrived today in a big box full of bubble wrap!  Now all I have to do is teach myself how to use it - should be fun!

I knew reading the instructions was a waste of time. I got this to work by inviting
somebody who had half a clue round to have a go!

Also today my mate Tim (you know, my pet Nerd) was here eager to have a go at programming the Arduino ( See Wednesday 25th April's posting ) and attempt to teach me some programming, not an easy task! I think he went home exhausted but I did understand some of it and a few years of study should do the trick. We managed to get a little further on and I am slowly getting the hang of this but why you have to say HIGH and LOW and not ON and OFF is still a sticking point. The upshot is I am a little nearer understanding what is what but there is still a way to go.


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