Friday, 18 May 2012

Cardboard, string, PVA, UHU... and QR code

This crown is starting to take over. What started off as a simple little job has become the most demanding part of this whole venture. So it is yet another post following the progress of this crown. Today I have been covering up the Meccano using strips of cardboard fixed to the frame. Again a bit of a learning curve here. First attempts using the glue gun cleared the workshop of its crew of resident spiders and insects as the air turned blue as the hot glue made its way through the holes in the Meccano depositing itself on my now rather sensitive digits. At times like this, the best thing to do is to light up a cigarette and go for a wander around the grounds of Laughton Towers. This would be a good plan if, A; it wasn't chucking it down with rain and B; I don't smoke!

Adding the 'rope' trim. Note the Meccano cardboard scraps!
The glue gun was cosigned to its place on the racking, with a rather firm hand, and it was out with my tube of UHU (bought from the local pound shop) that is inscribed in four different languages" The All Purpose Adhesive". I usually avoid this stuff as it strings like mad, turning the project into something resembling a spiders web. It does have one big advantage - it ain't hot! I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use. Yes it does string a bit bit it dries quickly and makes a very good bond between the cardboard and metal. Pulling the card over the edge of the bench breaks the grain and makes the card much more malleable preventing any spring back around the curved surfaces. To keep it in the family, some of the card used is also Meccano, cut from discarded modern packaging.

For the gold 'rope that trims the edges of the crown, a length of string was soaked in PVA and left to dry before being stuck in place using, my now found fried, UHU. This looks the part and the pre-gluing makes it very easy to work with.

Cardboard crown!
 Next job is to cut the crosses and fleur-de-lis that adorn the rim of the crown. Again these are cut from card. One of each is cut first and this is used as a pattern for the others. After all four have been cut they will be laminated onto more card, to increase the strength, a then when the glue has cured the will need to be re-profiled.

QR codes are everywhere...

QR Code

My old SmartPhone can read QR Code
Between batches of cutting and waiting for glue to dry I decided to sort out something that has been bothering me for a while now. Have you ever wondered what those funny square blocks of dots that seem to be everywhere are? Well, they are QR (Quick Recognition) code. To save repeating everything here, just Google 'QR Code' and you will find all sorts of information and free QR generators to make your own code. These codes can be read by any SmartPhone - even my old Nokia - once you have downloaded a free app.

So now you can get to our website either by clicking on the link here: or by pointing your SmartPhone at the lump of QR code above. When you get to our website you should be able to do the same thing by pointing your SmartPhone at the code on the Home page and jump back to the workshop blog.

Isn't technology wonderful... Back to the cardboard!


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