Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Meccano at Chelsea

It is that time of year again. The house is filling with flowers, the van gets it's temporary bucket racks fitted and yours truly is roped into building all sorts of weird things from drainage pipes MDF and this year Meccano! Yes, it is build up time for the Chelsea Flower Show again and this year as part of a large flower arrangement Sue needed to make a crown, not just any crown but the Edwards Crown used in the coronation of QE II. So it was out to the workshop where we have a 'small' stock of tatty Meccano awaiting refurbishment. Out with the bending machine, rolling bars, hammers and dollies. And here it is in the making.
The crown takes shape. The Meccano-made bender needed a bit of help
Once the main frame was completed it was given a coat of W├╝rth Zinc Spray (Brilliant stuff!) that dries in minutes. Now we can see the real shape of the crown. After some more discussion this evening it looks like we need to add some more framework and maybe dig out the super glue and rivets! Before you all start, no Meccano will be harmed in this exercise as it will be reclaimed, stripped and straightened after the show is over. I will post some more on the crown tomorrow.
The crown is given a coat of Zinc Spray
Tomorrow I will be routing some holes in MDF, cutting 100mm pipe and building the base for the arrangement. So come back tomorrow and see how I get on.


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