Monday, 29 July 2013


 What was left after the demolition men (Man!) moved in...

Useful stuff...
After stripping down the old printer, I managed to recover a few useful items; a selection of silver-steal rods, a tub-full of hardware, some toothed drive bands and three motors. One of the motors is a stepper motor and I am sure that will be pressed into use soon. The was also a selection of electronic bits including a power supply, card reader and the keypad PCB covered with nice miniature tactile switches.

the electronic bits
The rest has been humanly disposed with along with the full ink pads. All in all a good haul from a defunct piece on not-so-modern technology. Now I wonder if I can do anything with those LCS screens. I had better have a word with my tame Geek, Digital Tim, and see if he can think of a use for them.


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