Monday, 2 April 2012

I made it back!

The cable tower (today) standing at the Southern end of the system at North Greenwich. The poor guy in the yellow Jacket was fighting with a heavy yellow plastic hose trying to water the shrubs but the hose had other ideas. Who is going to be the first to build a model of the system?

Yes, after a dodgy start we made it all the way to Westfield, Stratford City - no its not a football team, its a shopping centre see HERE if you must. It did have a very well stocked Model Zone which was one bonus in a sea of shoes and handbags... with my Mum in tow, we still managed to get a sneak peek at what has been going on at North Greenwich today.

The cable tower is now up and they are cabling up ready for action. It won't be long now before the Cable car is up and running. There is a very good animated video showing an impression of how the completed system will look when completed HERE. I think we wore out my dear old Mum, she has not bent my ear for at least an hour! It may have something to do with the lasagne we made when we got in and, between the three of us, have now made a sizable dent in!

I will be in the workshop tomorrow so pop back and see what I have been up to... It will involve rivets! 


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